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Friday, April 4, 2014 @ 02:04 AM
posted by Kristan Mihelicf

1. Knowing you’re prepared                                              

Advantage CPR Instruction offers training in the latest American Heart Association guidelines for CPR, which means you are always learning the most up to date methods in CPR and First Aid.  Class participants feel confident after just a few hours in our CPR and First Aid classes.

Participants not only learn CPR, but also how to prevent, recognize and treat injured victims who are choking, severely bleeding, suffering from burn injuries, asthma emergencies, heat stroke, hypothermia and many other frequent home and workplace emergencies.

2. Be confident the first time

Accidents are never planned. During emergencies, hands on CPR and First Aid training prepares you for real-world emergency response. Each student has their own Manikin to practice with,  which results in  plenty of time to practice CPR until they are confident with the skills they have learned.  Learning the skills of CPR is as easy as C-A-B!. continue reading

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